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Face Peeling

Face Peeling

Skin Peeling Treatment in Siliguri with Bioinus

A chemical peel treatment is a skin rejuvenation process that involves the controlled exfoliation of the skin’s outermost layers using mild acids taken from natural sources of varied strengths, followed by regenerating new, healthier layers. After applying the chemical solution to the skin, the outer layers are carefully peeled away under medical supervision. Bioinus Face Peeling in Siliguri can help skin look and feel better and more uniformly. Eliminating dead skin layers also helps reduce pigment buildup in the form of spots or markings.

The Positive Effects of Chemical Peel Therapy

Dermatologists recommend chemical peels for achieving healthier and more evenly toned skin. As a result, a chemical peel has the following advantages:

Acne can be managed with chemical peels since they eliminate excess sebum, dead skin cells, and pollution.

• It promotes natural skin renewal, which helps to improve the skin’s texture.
• Reduces the appearance of discoloration and black patches on the skin.
• By increasing collagen and elastin synthesis, it firms and tones the skin.
• It treats PIH caused by inflammatory conditions like acne and other skin problems.
• Dark circles under the eyes can be diminished with a chemical peel.
• It helps with sun-induced skin discoloration.
• It suits oily, dry, combination, and even older skin.
• There are three different chemical peel strengths available: superficial, medium, and deep.
• After analyzing your skin, dermatologists will determine the best peel.
• The peel is applied by a skin therapist under the direction of a doctor.
• The process is completely pain-free.
• After only a few sessions, progress can be shown. Two weeks following Skin Peeling Treatment in Siliguri, the full effects can be seen.

How Can You Get Ready For The Procedure?

• Before getting a chemical peel, there are a few things to keep in mind.
• To get the most out of your dermatologist’s therapy, it’s important to be completely honest about your current health and medical history during your initial visit.
• Prime your skin for the treatment at least two weeks in advance, as directed by your dermatologist.

At least three to five days before your scheduled peel treatment, you should stop using chemically based priming creams, such as retinoids, skin whitening creams, AHAs, etc.

What Can I Expect Throughout the Procedure?

Some things to anticipate throughout the procedure are as follows.

• Preparing the skin for treatment is the first step. Before applying the peel, the therapist will cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser to eliminate any surface oil and impurities.
• The therapist will use a Q-tip and some petroleum jelly (or another thick gel formulation) to outline the face, avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth. This aids in the defense of these areas by blocking the entry of any chemical solutions.
• The therapist will place cotton swabs dipped in water over the patient’s eyes. Then, under the dermatologist’s watchful eye, she will apply a chemical peel to the entire face using a special brush.
• A slight tingling is typical. Tell your dermatologist right away if you’re experiencing any severe pain.
• After the allotted time, the therapist will wipe the peel off the face with a cotton pad or neutralizing spray.
• The therapist will then apply a cold compress to the region to stop any tingling or burning from occurring. She’ll also hold a hand-held fan throughout the time the peel is applied for supplementary cooling.
• After neutralizing, she’ll put on moisturizer and sunscreen for more skin defense.

You are now an expert on chemical peels. To try this out without risking any damage to your skin, make an appointment with our skilled dermatologist.