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Who We Are

From the year 2021 we, at Bioinus, Siliguri, giving our best towards our customers. We have always look for our betterment and here we are at the top. Bionus is the personification of the coming together of technology and beauty, greatness, and new ideas. The body, hair, and face are not just treated areas; they are like blank canvases that need careful attention. We have changed the way people usually take care of their skin and hair by starting our business to improve beauty and overall health. Bionus is not simply a facility; it is a harmonious integration of scientific prowess, artistic expression, and expertise. Now we are at Jaigaon and Indirapuram also. Book your appointment at your nearest location now!

Why Choose Us

1.2 Lakhs + Satisfied

Our 1.2 lakhs + satisfied customers have verified us as one of the best hair and skin care services in India.

Painless Hair & Skin DNA

Knowing your genetic makeup is what we do best so we can give you painless, effective hair and face treatments.

Extensively trained & experienced

Our experts are trained very well in the newest techniques and improvements.

Consult online and get medicines

It's easy to contact our experienced professionals online for advice.

23 Clinics

Our 23 carefully placed clinics nationwide bring our high-quality services closer to you.


Our doctors and technicians are extremely expert in their job, so that you don’t have any kind of complaint.

Our Services

Hair Transplant

Take Back Your Majesty: Bioinus Hair Transplant in Jaigaon For Authentic Self-Assurance.

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Hair Regrowth Treatment

Bioinus’ Hair Regrowth Treatment in Jaigaon: Thinning To Winning For Luscious Locks.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Bioinus Hair Loss Treatment in Jaigaon: Don’t Let Hair Loss Define You.

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Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

Bioinus Permanent Laser Hair Reduction in Jaigaon: Permanently Smooth Skin At Your Fingertips.

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Anti Ageing Treatment

Awaiting An Ageless Aura: The Bioinus Youth Revival Anti-Ageing Treatment in Jaigaon.

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Pigmentation Treatment

Reveal Your Inner Radiance: The Ideal Bioinus Pigmentation Treatment in Jaigaon.

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Understanding the Difference Between Acne and Pimples

Skin concerns, such as acne and pimples, are common afflictions that can affect individuals of all ages. At Bioinus Healthcare, the renowned Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions in Indirapuram,we believe in empowering individuals

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