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Are you suffering from hair loss? Or is your hairline thinning out? Facing trouble with your skin? Don’t worry we have the right solution for you. Being one of the most professional and advanced Skin and Hair Clinics in India we believe in skin care that is risk-free, simple, and uncomplicated. At Bioinus, we make no compromises in terms of service quality or patient experience.

In the field of dermatology, we have blazed a new trail. Based in the heart of Siliguri, West Bengal, we have pioneered technology-based derma care in the country.


Our Clients Say

I was suffering from rapid hair fall. Consulted with more than five specialists in this genre, but all went in vain. But, at last got in touch with Bioinus. Indeed got a very good result from the expert treatment of the organization. Thank you Bioinus.

Avidipta Roy

I am very satisfied with my experience at Accalia Dermatology Clinic. I just got done with my acne treatments and my face looks flawless. The staff and nurses were very friendly and informative.

Kevin Philipson

I go there regularly for my psoriasis and have always had wonderful customer service. The staff at the clinic were all very friendly and professional and I loved working with Dr. Wang. She is a fantastic doctor!

Melony Dowen

I would have never thought that I would become a victim of this horrible disease. We all underestimate the speed of COVID-19 contamination. Thanks to your doctors, I was able to get medical assistance on time.

Jessica Parker

I hoped that it was just a cold. Then it all happened really fast: the fever, the cough, and the lung pain. Thank you for all your amazing professional help that got me through the hospitalization recovery!

Diana Moore

When we were diagnosed with the COVID-19, we got scared. We were sent home and stayed isolated for as long as possible. We encourage all citizens to follow quarantine rules and keep their families safe.

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Our Doctors

Dedicated Team

At Bioinus, we understand the value of your hair as well as your skin. As you visit us it becomes our responsibility to support you in a comprehensive manner. So, we have an outstanding group of doctors who are leaders in the fields of cosmetic and dermatology. We cater a comprehensive skin and hair related treatment that can fully solve your purpose.

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