Beard Transplant

when it is about beard, men always consider it to be a sign of their aggression, confidence and vigor. Bioinus knows the struggle behind getting the perfect beard that reflects your personality and that is what has led us to bring to you beard transplant, a surgery that helps you achieve your envisioned beard. Where the face is split into two sections Frontal and Lateral. Frontal includes your goatee, moustache, chin and underneath you jawline, whereas Lateral includes your sideburns, cheeks and your jawline. The method used in beard transplant is generally Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), because when it the matter of beard Bioinus through it’s clinically tested techniques takes utmost care in proffering you your pictured natural look.

They Can Help You

At Bioinus, we understand the value of your hair as well as your skin. As you visit us it becomes our responsibility to support you in a comprehensive manner. So, we have an outstanding group of doctors who are leaders in the fields of cosmetic and dermatology. We cater a comprehensive skin and hair related treatment that can fully solve your purpose.